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Furniture roller shutters

For more than 20 years, ist KNOKE Beschlagtechnik is the specialist for furniture roller shutters. Whether made of aluminium, plastic, glass or wood.

In line with this, there are suitable guiding profiles and plug-in units: smart case or dyna case. Thus your furniture roller shutter will turn into a perfectly developed roller shutter system.

Furniture roller shutters made of aluminium

smart plus:
Extruded slats made of solid aluminium give the smart plus its high-quality look.

smart XXL:
The identification of the robust smart XXL is the 40 mm height of the
slats made of roll-formed aluminium.

Furniture roller shutters made of plastic

KS 25:
25 mm high slats made of recyclable ABS. The single slats provide a form-fitting connection. They form the solid basis for numerous design options.

The KS 25 is available in 3 surface quality levels:
KS 25 F: Slats wrapped with real aluminium
KS 25: Slats with hot stamping foil
KS 25 L: Paintable slats

KS 40: A real alternative
With its 40 mm high slats it really performs very well:

KS 40 F: Slats wrapped with real aluminium
KS 40 L: Paintable slats


Furniture roller shutters made of glass

quasar reflex:
High-quality real glass finish, unique of 4 mm unbreakable toughened safety glass. Slat height 50 mm.

Furniture roller shutters with real wood veneer or HPL design

The roller shutter in design combination with other finishes. The essence:
dimensionally stable support material made of high density fibreboard
suitable for areas with very high humidity. The decor: real veneer or
HPL design by Resopal®.