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smart case with smart motion drive

Electrical operation of furniture roller shutters - now it is so easy, secure and almost silent. By means of the smart motion technology the roller shutter itself knows when it has to stop. It is able to find its end positions on its own and due to fast-stop-obstacle detection it reacts immediately. smart motion - perfect safety and maximum convenience.

Independent setting

It could hardly be more convenient: Simply start the automatic teach-in cycle after the installation. The motor automatically recognizes its end positions and maintains these settings.

Obstacle detection

The smart motion drive continuously monitors its position. This is why it knows immediately if there is a fault. It responds with ligthning precision and releases the obstacle again. To keep your valuable items protected.


Either by remote control or LED sensor. One remote control operates up to 5 roller shutters simultaneously.

Depending on requirement the LED sensor field will be fitted into the right or left guidance profile. This operating option is only available for front thickness profiles.

Cabinet carcase

Special cabinet construction - no, thank you. Also with the electrical drive it is only necessary to have one standard cabinet carcase. Without preliminary work such as milling or boring.

Reaction in case of power failure

In case of a power failure the roller shutter can still be moved manually by hand. Therefore important items inside the cabinet always remain accessible. And, of course, the smart motion control memorises all information that once has already been learned.