smart case

The roller shutter module

The smart case consists of 3 components:

1. Plug-in unit with roller shutter and weight compensator fitting

2. Clip-on cover profile

3. Guiding profiles

In just four steps your furniture carcase turns into a functional roller shutter cabinet.

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Individuality is the key

  • Production made-to-measure
  • Suitable for vertical use
  • For carcase sidewall thicknesses from 16 to 19 mm
  • Version with or without bottom panel
  • Electrical drive (smart motion) upon request

All inclusive

The plug-in unit contains:

A: Module with roller shutter and weight compensator fitting

B: Cover profile

C: System-guiding profiles contour, frame oder slim line


Practical assembly

  • Installed with just a few simple steps
  • Mounting without any preparation regarding the cabinet for the systems contour and slim line

Roller shutter as required

The smart case can be equipped with all KNOKE roller shutters.

Guaranteed flexibility

  • Supplementary assembly of roller shutters in existing cabinets
  • Exchange of roller shutters for permanently installed cabinets

Locks and handles


For the use with smart case, the aluminium and ABS plastic roller shutters can be equipped with locks from different manufacturers.

The use of locks has an impact on:

  • Opening stroke of the roller shutter (measurement A)
  • Recess of the shelves (measurement B)
  • Space between lock and shelf. With B min of the measurement scheme the space amounts to 3.5 mm.

Download measurement scheme

Lock manufacturers

KNOKE roller shutters can be used with locks from the following producers:

  • JuNie
  • Häfele/Symo
  • Hekna
  • Hettich
  • KABA
  • Lehmann

Further producers upon request.



We prepare your roller shutters with handle borings upon request.


Form for information on position for your enquiry or order:

Guiding in front of the carcase

Guiding in front of the carcase: system contour or frame

image image

System contour – a classic

The roller shutter operates in front of the carcase, the guiding profiles have front thickness design.

The advantage: all side panels and shelves have the same dimensions as the remaining parts of the furniture.

Instead of complex special constructions the roller shutter cabinet obtains a simple standard carcase.


System frame – elegance with added value

Also with the frame guiding profiles the roller shutter operates in front of the carcase.

Due to their sleek design they give a slender frame look to your cabinet. The horizontal lines of the roller shutter are clearly evident.

The added value for you: the internal width of the cabinet remains unaffected. It is usable in its full dimension. Ideal for the use of internal pull-outs.

Guiding profiles

image image

Guiding profiles system contour

With regards to the used materials and the possible finishes the guiding profiles are matched to the respective roller shutters.

They are available in three different cross-sections:

  • Width 27,5 mm with recess of 2 mm to the cabinet side (standard)
  • Width 29,5 mm, flush with the cabinet side

This also applies to quasar reflex 40


Guiding profiles system frame

The frame guiding profiles are made of real aluminium. The finish with stainless steel effect (E2/ES) stresses the value of the system.

Further finishes upon request.

They are available for material thicknesses of 16 or 19 mm.

They are always flush with the cabinet side.


The opposite overview shows the possible versions of the guiding profiles dependend on the used roller shutter.

Cabinet dimensions


The smart case is kept as small as possible. This is why the required space varies depending on the roller shutter type and on the cabinet measurement.

The following descriptions give a review.

smart plus 25 and KS 25 – series

  • Width min.: 400 mm
  • Width max.: 1200 mm
  • Height max.: 1600 mm

Chart measurement A


smart plus 40, KS 40 – series and quasar reflex 40 mm

  • Width min.: 400 mm
  • Width max.: 1200 mm
  • Height max.: 1600 mm

Chart measurement A

Guiding inside the carcase

Guiding inside the carcase: system slim line or classic

image image

System slim line – internal installation

Not feeling like making a groove?

You would like to retrofit the smart case into existing furniture?

Or you just like the discreet elegance of the slim line profiles?

For such cases we provide the smart case for internal installation.

Advantage of the slim line guiding profiles: the clear look as with the grooved-in guidings – but with the installation advantages of the smart case.

System classic – the best of both worlds

The smart case with grooved guiding profiles.

This means: use all the advantages of a roller shutter module but without visible guiding profiles.

The roller shutter is installed in a few simple steps. You retain full control over the interior and use the entire inside width.

And from the front, the cabinet appears in a classic look with visible carcase sides.

Guiding profiles

image image

Guiding profiles system slim line

The slim line guiding profiles are made of real aluminium.Die slim line-Führungsprofile sind aus echtem Aluminium gefertigt. They are available in 3 finishes:

  • Anodised aluminium (E6/C0)
  • Aluminium with stainless steel effect (E2/ES)
  • Aluminium matt black anodised (E6/C35)

Guiding profiles system classic

The classic guiding profiles made of plastic and are offered in several colours:

  • black (standard)
  • light grey
  • further colours upon request

A cross section for all roller shutters

As the guiding profiles of the slim line system are attached inside the carcase they are independent of the panel thickness.

That also applies to the plastic guiding profiles of the classic system.

The cross section is therefore designated for all roller shutters.

Cabinet dimensions


The possible dimensions depend on the used roller shutter type. They comply with those of the contour guiding profiles.

The following descriptions give a review.

smart plus 25 and KS 25 – series

  • Width min.: 400 mm
  • Width max.: 1200 mm
  • Height max.: 1600 mm

Chart measurement A

The measurements regarding the width refer to the outside width with 19 mm carcase sides.


smart plus 40, KS 40 – series and quasar reflex 40

  • Width min.: 400 mm
  • Width max.: 1200 mm
  • Height max.: 1600 mm

Chart Measurement A

The measurements regarding the width refer to the outside width with 19 mm carcase sides.

smart motion

smart motion


smart motion – The electrical roller shutter drive

Electrical operation of furniture roller shutters – It is easy, secure and almost silent.

By means of the smart motion technology the roller shutter itself knows when it has to stop. It is able to find its end positions on its own and due to fast-stop-obstacle detection it reacts immediately.

smart motion – perfect safety and maximum convenience.



In order to suit individual applications KNOKE Beschlagtechnik offers the appropriate control option for the smart motion drive.


Depending on requirement the LED sensor field will be fitted into the right or left guiding profile.

Practical detail: The height of the sensor position can be selected at random. For high cabinets in particular, this solution provides ergonomic advantages for the operation at all times.

The handling via LED sensor is only available for the contour system.


Remote control

The practical remote control can easily be carried on a key chain. The operation of the cabinet can take place from a distance without being directly at the cabinet.

The oval form of the remote control also offers the possibility to mill an appropriate recess at a suitable point. Therefore the remote control will be inserted flush-mounted down into the wood and will function just as a permanently attached switch.

By using the remote control you can control your roller shutters individually or up to 5 cabinets synchronously.

The oval shape of the remote control also makes it possible to mill a corresponding recess in a suitable location. Thus the remote control is embedded flush into the wood and works like a permanently installed switch.

Download milling file in dxf format


Radio transmitter designed as a light switch

With this control option you can comfortably operate your roller shutter cabinet when entering or leaving a room.

The radio transmitter completely hides in the flush-mounted box of a light switch rail. It is equipped with a frame for the switch programme Gira system 55. It can easily be changed. So the radio transmitter can be integrated within your personal switch programme.

Further options

If required the smart motion drive can be operated in many more ways such as:

  • RFID transponder
  • key switch
  • motion detector
  • push button

Please talk to us about your personal smart motion drive.

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Independent setting

It could hardly be more convenient: Simply start the automatic teach-in cycle after the installation. The motor automatically recognises its end positions and maintains these settings.

Obstacle detection

The smart motion drive continuously monitors its position. This is why it knows immediately if there is a fault. It responds with ligthning precision and releases the obstacle again. To keep your valuable items protected.

Cabinet carcase

Special cabinet construction – no, thank you. The electrical drive does not require an additional modification of the cabinet.

Reaction in case of power failure

In case of a power failure the roller shutter can still be moved manually by hand. Therefore important items inside the cabinet always remain accessible. And, of course, the smart motion control memorises all information that once has already been learned.


You would like to protect the cabinet contents from unauthorised access? The optional electronic locking makes it all possible. It automatically locks the roller shutter in closed position.

  • Disturbing locking elements – do not exist
  • Additional installation effort – non-existent
  • Annoying change of batteries – not necessary

So even your smart case with smart motion drive and electronic locking still remains a real smart case.

And if you would rather provide your roller shutter with a manual lock – this is of course also possible.

CAD data


System classic

Shooting bar lock

dxf – position locking element

Locking element for shooting bar lock.

Recessed flush with the carcase side.


pdf preview:

position locking element



Here you can find the necessary specifications for milling the module when using the classic system. Click on the corresponding link and download the CAD data in dxf format.


dxf – roller shutter with slat height 17 or 25 mm, cabinet height 250 – 650 mm

dxf – roller shutter with slat height 17 or 25 mm, cabinet height 651 – 1200 mm

dxf – roller shutter with slat height 17 or 25 mm, cabinet height 1201 – 1600 mm

dxf – roller shutter with slat height 40 mm

pdf preview:

milled cavity for roller shutter guiding

System frame

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