KS 17

More than an underdog

He is easily underestimated. And that despite the fact that it always does its job reliably. Inconspicuous – but always ready for new tasks. Like for example in medical furniture. Limited installation space requires narrow bending radii. This is his world. From stationary furniture to vehicle construction with its often only small installation depths.

This is where he benefits from its 17 mm high slats. Dyed through – so they can easily cope with some wounds. In terms of colour, the KS 17 is a real quick-change artist. Challenge him. It gives you much more than matt white or neutral light grey. He can do it and he wants to.

This is how the KS 17 is – every day a chance to prove yourself anew.

Discover the KS 17

Details and equipment at a glance:

  • Slat height: 17 mm


Suitable for:

smart case roller shutter module
dyna case roller shutter module
smart direct roller shutter system

Choose a surface:
aluminium lacquered
white matt
light grey matt